Teams participants not showing in list but they are on the call

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Im using MS Teams and have set up a daily call series with 2 guests from another company for a project. Participant are placed in a lobby and admitted as the meeting starts, the other joins the meeting with audio but does not go to a lobby, has no ID in the Participants list or icon, yet can hear and talk to us. there is no way of finding him on the list, sharing screens or muting him, its like he is a ghost! how do I solve this issue? its quite a serious bug!

I can cancel the meeting series and try agian, but is there another way?

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They are probably joining by dial-in! The admin have to change the settings for that in the teams meeting policy


@Sean_Spratley My lobby has not been working in my desktop app at all since last week. I do not see everyone in the lobby and I cannot let them in. If I join the meeting on my phone, I can then let everyone into the meeting. Sometimes it will say I have 15 in the meeting when I have a lot more than that. Usually I enter the meeting on two computers and each one shows different attendees.  Again, my phone seems to show it accurately, but I cannot teach from my phone.