Teams Participants List only showing User status

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Please see attached pic. I have tried relogging and reinstalling but get the same error any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi @Bl00dl3tter 

You may try resetting your Microsoft Teams app if it helps:
Exit Microsoft Teams app (Check out if it appears in the Windows toolbar and closes it).
Copy and paste the following path in File Explorer: %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams
Delete all contents in that folder (You may make a backup somewhere if you desire)

Restart Microsoft Teams.
Sign in and try again

@Mr_Trust_A Thank you for the suggestion.
Deleted everything from the teams folders in %appdata%/local as suggested and teams was removed from the system when doing so(no longer showed in the start menu and links showed broken. I Reinstalled teams on the EUs machine, EU is going to test Monday 2/22 and I will report the results. Thanks again for the advice.

Hi @Bl00dl3tter 

You mentioned that "EU is going to test Monday 2/22 and I will report the results." Do you have any update to share?



@Mr_Trust_A Thank you for the follow up.

The reinstall and removal off the appdata files resulted in the same results(Users still disappearing) however the EU provided a new symptom that make me now believe it is the Machine. The EU states it only happens when on their secondary monitor and not while on the laptop screen. This leads me to believe its a driver issue. The EU was off yesterday and should be available some time today im planning on verifying all drivers are up to date.