Teams - Owner unable to delete some but not all messages in a channel

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As a Team Owner I have the ability to delete any message in my Team.  However I have three messages added on 18th August which I cannot delete.  When I click on the message no emoji /more action menus appear for me to undertake an action.  The team owners that created the messages in the first instance aren't able to delete them either.  When I left click on the message no options appear at all.
We can delete any messages that occurred before or after this date.
Our IT admin is also stumped and the fact that we can delete other messages in the same channel suggests it isn't a settings issue.   I have signed out and back in but unfortunately it doesn't make a difference. 
Any ideas? 

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Have you opened a support ticket to notify this problem?
No, I need to go through IT Admin to open a ticket with Microsoft so I thought I would try the community first.