Teams owner or member?

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We are a large org having more than 5k members and growing. As per teams governance initially we started with not providing any owner access to users to limit any addition of custom connectors, third party apps(that are of course being allowed in the teams admin center).
We have a lesser user adoption for teams and to increase the adoption we slowly started adding owners in teams. Now we are getting new environments created in our power Platform as owners add apps that create those environments. We as admins don't have control on what is being added to the teams.
So my question is does owner access to teams not a good idea or should we try educate the users to learn how to efficiently use the teams being an owner?

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Hi @sudheerc615  Every company has to make that determination for itself but the more owners you have, the less control and security you will have as the real owner of the Team.  It's like giving your housekeys out to 25 of your friends vs just your family.


You have to decide what you're trying to accomplish - if it's user adoption, then making people owners won't necessarily drive that (I've included a link to our site with suggestions).  Anyway, regarding your original question, this document might help decide if they all have to be owners: Team owner, member, and guest capabilities in Teams - Office Support (

Thanks for your response. Just like for a SharePoint site owners which are limited to 2 to max of 4, we are trying to use the same approach. I will take a look at the links you have provided.