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I have a user that is an owner of a Private Team. They are trying to remove a member from the group but when they click on the "x" icon to remove members the icon gets stuck doing the spinning icon. This is not allowing them to remove members. Teams allows them to add members but not remove them. Is there a setting I'm missing?



Other owners can remove members

I can remove members using the Admin centre


I have also tried to get the owner to us the web app as well as the desktop app and the same problem happens.


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I suppose you can try demoting him to member, then making him owner again.

@Vasil MichevThanks Vasil, we just tried but we are getting the same problem. This is very strange.

@Kyle_Barnett Im having the same problem and cannot delete members from a team i created and own.  Blue spinning wheel.  Have tried web and app version.  Have logged out and back in.  Have tried iPad, iPhone and computer.  No solutions.  

Best open a support case then.
Thanks Vasil,

I'll open a support case with them.

You could ask your Teams Administrator to assist you resolve this issue by removing the member from Admin center.

We got the same issue with specific teams. It might be the amount of team-members that plays a role. It concerns as well members as guests of the team. Both can't be removed by owners and the wheel keeps spinning for days.
As administrator I can remove any user in the Teams-admin center, but due to the fact, that team-members change every day, a time consuming task.

In our organisation we see this problem occur on 400+ member Teams. The members of this team can only be deleted through the Admin environment.
this topic is about this?
Team owners can't remove members from teams using the search feature in Microsoft Teams



I'm having the same problem - have you found a solution, as I can't find anything?

I think it is..
Let;s wait for the next update. Thanks.



Open the channel on web sharepoint, click on the members icon on the top right corner, remove member from Group membership, it will be reflected the same in your Teams desktop client.

@MakettoAng Thank you!  That worked for members, but I also need to remove Guests and I can't do it that way - it has no option to do so.

@LisaBureau Oh...I think we all get into the trap. I just found a very simple solution without accessing to sharepoint. The guests and members can be easily removed at "Members and guests" section with the condition that you can't use the name search, when you search for members it doesn't allow you to remove. Don't search name! Just look up the name with your big eyes.

@MakettoAng  this would be great... but with a group of 900 members, selecting from a non-alphabetized list is really challenging.  Also, the member list in SharePoint is also circling.  Is there an ETA to fix this issue for large teams? We are not able to use MS 365 groups yet to better manage. 

OMGosh! It may take a bit longer but it worked!!! Thank you. I have been battling for ages. Big Hug!
Don't expect Microsoft Team will fix this issue in near future as viewing this issue happened in the past few years till now. The fastest way that you can find and remove the name of "owner/member" is goto the SharePoint, click on "members", in "Group membership" right panel, slide the bar to the bottom most and press ctrl+F to find the name. The tricky thing is you can't find the name from top to bottom but from bottom to top.

As it doesn't allow you to remove guests from SharePoint, the only solution I can think for now is copy the "members and guests" list from Teams Desktop App and paste into Excel sheet, filter the keywords "Profile picture of " and numbering the name list then you will have an idea of the approximate position, return to the Teams Desktop App and find the closer name and slowly catch the exact position of the name that you want to find out.