Teams Organizational Chart not updating

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Hi everyone, i am trying to build our organizational chart, but  some users do not update correctly on teams tab. We have an hybrid arquitecture  with local and azure AD servers domain server. I checked this users and in each server the manager field is correct.

I dont know where to look  ,¿ any ideas?



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Hi, the Manager setting should be enough to configure this.  Is there any obvious difference between the users who are in the org chart and those who are not?  Are some on-premises mailbox users for example and others in 365?

He Peter, all the users are equal.but I have to ask to another tier what kind of account this users are using. Thanks in advance.

@PeterRising  , Well i found the reason in one local server wasnt syncing  and the field Hide from exchange address list was checked , after uncheck de field  ,the users  are  visible on the chart.






had a similar issue and observed - that the org charts are cached locally in the teams client.

Signing out of the client, and signing in again refreshed the cache and I saw a new org chart.


prerequisites - your entries in on-prem AD / Azure AD need to have correct manager and job-title properties.