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The Teams Org Chart is incredibly handy, but it seems to have a few quirks.  When someone leaves the company, we disable their AD account, and then we convert them to a shared mailbox for a time period.

These users still show up in the Org Chart.  Has anyone come up with a way to have AD Disabled users excluded from the org chart?  Best I can tell, a full delete is really the only way to get them out of the org chart.

Does it still use the old SharePoint Profile sync to manage what shows up?  I am not sure where to start at trying to only show active employees.  Teams is where the exposure is.  But I suspect maybe it comes down to a process more than anything else?

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Hey @Todd Purifoy 


Hope you are well! This is an interesting one to me because I have worked in the org chart for a while. 


What about in Entra/Azure AD if you remove that users details including Department, and then remove Manager etc. so it's literally just first name, last name and UPN. Does it still show after removing all that information?


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Change manager. Buth then again if you have any post employment workflow, you may need this.
Interesting...let me try that and I will let you know. I suppose if I remove the Manager, then at least it will not show up in the org chart in the previous hierarchy. That will probably suffice for the time being. Great idea. Thank you!

@Todd Purifoy 


Awesome. Let me know and if it works we can close this one out


Best, Chris

This DOES accomplish an acceptable solution for us. Thank you again