Teams opening too many windows during a call

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Recently Teams updated. Now it shows 3 different windows during a call: the teams normal window, the call window and some small window that pops up at the bottom of the screen when I minimize the call window. 


I cannot begin to describe how annoying and frustrating this is. Is there a way to have everything in just ONE window, the way it was before?I especially don't want that stupid little window to pop up at the bottom of the screen when i move away from the call. Having to close it everytime is just too annoying especially because often i need to switch to and from the call window. Also having 3 different team windows is a nightmare when i have to switch often between programs. It was really well before, can I revert to the previous version when the call window used to appear in the teams window itself?

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Go to Settings -> toggle the "Turn on new meeting experience" checkbox -> Restart Teams.

Now what? It looks like they've completely killed the "old experience" now :((
Turn on new meeting experience" checkbox again now missing causing untold havoc with workflow for anyone who needs to have other windows open while making calls...4 hours later on support calls with Microsoft, still no solution....basically Microsoft eliminated a feature with no warning that is a super-annoyance time waster.....only workaround is to use the online app in a reduced size browser window, but which causes other issues with the microphone-speaker...come on Microsoft, this should be simple!!!
Microsoft seems to ignore users wanting different UI than what their developers think is good. This is the most horrible example, though Office 365 search bar is another brilliant change, that makes workflow reallly blossom.

These subtle (or not) changes are so invasive, I just avoid using these programs as far as it is possible.

I wish Microsoft would get a grip, and stop forcing time consuming and space wasteful changes on pro users.
My eyes miss true full screen.


I agree. Furthermore the hang up window during a call if often somewhere in background - so I often ask my conversation partner to hang up. Terrible experience.