Teams Only Mode Still Allowing SfB Communications


We have recently gone to Teams Only mode within our environment, but I am told that people are still able to use SfB to chat. Is there a way to check on who is still using SfB and how to completely eliminate the usage of SfB (outside of external meetings)?

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@Shaun Jennings  - What version/build of Office do you have deployed?  I went through this a month or two ago, and was dealing with what I called 'Straddle Mode', where both SFB & Teams clients could and were being used, and IM traffic was pretty messy & inconsistent. Users NOT happy...


I discovered that it was our deployed version of Office that was permitting both SFB/Teams to run side-by-side.  We were at Click To Run build 1705.  I upgraded to 1803 and Voila!  After a reboot when SFB auto-launched the client interface was covered with a 'You've Been Upgraded To Teams' image, with a URL to launch Teams & no way to access SFB functionality. 


A PSS ticket and escalation to the Teams product group 'kind of' confirmed this - MS wouldn't 'officially' admit to there being a 'minimum' version of Office needed for a clean switchover, but I was told that a patch was being worked on for the 1705 build.  That fact told me everything I needed to know, so I have mandated an 1803 upgrade prior to Teams eligibility here.