Teams online and desktop app show fewer folders and then nothing in the folder

Lul Woreta
Occasional Contributor

A while ago I created a Microsoft Teams  and have been building it out. As I'm trying to share it with other people, I realize there are issues with what has synced from my desktop to what is showing on the Desktop app or online.

Through windows explorer, I can see that there are sub-folders and files within, but the Teams online and desk top app show fewer folders and then nothing in the folders

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Whats the status of the onedrive? Is there any queue of files to upload?

Are you sure you don’t just upload files to the root of the library? You need to upload files to the corresponding channel folders for them to show in teams!

@Adam, thanks for prompt respond. Everything is OK in one drive. I'm not sure why that happened in teams. Any hints appreciated. 

Will you show me your files in explorer and also in teams where you are missing them?

@Lul Woreta where are the folders? Teams creates a folder per channel (including general) and then will only show files starting from there down.

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