Teams on Kindle Fire tablet

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Has anyone had success with installing Teams on a Kindle Fire tablet? I have free access to Teams through UW-Milwaukee, my employer. But Campus IT and Amazon have been unhelpful. I'd welcome any suggestions. Thanks!

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Please give me access to Microsoft Teams I desperately need to use it please!:sad_but_relieved_face:

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Hello @1unrm   Teams is not currently available for Kindle or Fire:


You can always open a request at our Uservoice feedback forum, where you and others can vote on items and you'll get periodic updates.

@ThereseSolimeno Does the web version work?

Hi @elkidogz1  I couldn't say for certain - I don't have a device to test it on.

@J_Walker   A little late to the game, but yes you can install Teams on a Fire.  You can download the APK from Microsoft.  You then put the APK over on the Fire via a C cable.  You will have to allow installs from unknown sources.  Also, Teams will pop a message that it needs Google Play to work, but it will work without it.  Just can't update Teams via an app, would have to download the new APK again.  (also of note, if you have Parental controls on, the Camera will not work in Teams).  Make sure you get it from Microsoft.  I don't always care for 3rd party APK sites. (there is an option to download it for Mobile)



I was able to get it to work using loading. Microsoft team and Google play services. I know a lot of schools are using it for online teaching make lots of sense for them to get it working on the Kindle fire tablets

@crazycraig I really need it for tomorrow and I have a kindle HD 8 plz can u help me to get it !!!






If you install play store you can add teams this way (link below) then download teams (and other things like chrome etc , have done it on both my kids fire tablets - but in your adult profile not the kids ones. you can also go into your kids settings and enable certain websites to be on their profile , but this is a bit clunky

@elkidogz1   Yes it does

Web verson works =) unless your using the new ones =I

I just got a new Amazon Fire 10" 2021. I downloaded Teams and everything seems to work except I can't share my screen. The other options listed are 1/ Share a photo 2/ share a video 3/share a PowerPoint. It won't share a Word or Excel doc. When I try to share my screen I get a screen asking me to "allow this app to overlay other apps" but I can't turn the switch on.