Teams on Android - File Upload Bug

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Dear Developers,


I started to use Microsoft Teams as a teacher some weeks ago. I truly like the amazing possibilities, but there is one bug which actually comes close to a showstopper for me. I roll out assignments for my students and let them send back photos of their homework / Word files / ... using their mobile phones. A major part of the students using Android phones (including me using my personal phone) is not able to add files using the "Add work" button. When pressing the button, the file dialog appears, but after choosing a file, the upload progress bar does not appear and the "Add work" button does not react anymore. The problem does not appear on some Android devices, but I cannot tear it down to a certain version or configuration. My phone runs Android 8.1 with Teams upload not working, my tablet runs Android 8 and recently 9 with the upload feature working. I also did not recognise the bug on iOS, macOS or Windows devices. Today's update of the Teams app did also not give any improvement.

I hope I could help with my failure description and would be very glad for any improvement on that issue.


Thanks and best regards,


   Martin Pelant

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@martinpelant this forum is not routinely monitored for support, be sure to get the admin of your environment to raise a support request through the admin centre.