Teams on Android automatically switching to secondary tenant

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my company's Teams account has also been linked as guest to a customer tenant. What is happening is that each time I click on a link to a Teams meeting created by my customer on his tenant, my Android Teams switches automatically from my primary tenant to customer's one and, at that point, I get an error message linked to authorization (maybe some missing license on my customer's tenant for my account).

Question is: is there a way to tell Teams on Android to always use my primary tenant when joining meetings, so that I can join any customer meeting as a guest?





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Thanks for reaching out. My first question would be do you still need to be a guest in the customers tenant? Because many times I find people don't need guest access because they don't work in the other tenant. Most need to join meetings, chat and call, and guest access is not needed for these things. If so, the quickest resolution should be


If you still need access to the other tenant as a guest, then I would recommend


  • Remove/Re-add the android app see if that fixes it
  • Update to the latest version of the Android App - could be a bug
  • Try to replicate the issue with another org (join as a guest and schedule a meeting) to confirm you can join and a.) if it's standard behavior with the app to switch tenants or b.) if it's an issue just with that org 

Let me know how it goes


Best, Chris