Teams O365 and on desktop Office 2010

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Office 2010 installed on Desktop

Teams in O365 cloud.


Had no issues before, staff member able to send teams meetings via Outlook calendar 2010.

Not when creating will not send.

Have removed Add -in Teams

Closed Outlook and added Add in Teams back again.

Still not able to send.

But if staff close the meeting, it comes up and asks to either

Save and Send message

Close and not save


Clicking Save and send works.


Whats causing this issue.?


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Hello, one of the prerequisites is to have at least Outlook 2013 installed. You can see this article with more precise details
Office 2010 is no longer supported and you can start to expect odd behaviors creeping in.
Good Morning all,
Thank you so much, was working perfectly all last week and now "whatever", I am in the process of rolling out O365 to everyone, now I can say Microsoft has stopped supporting and things will go wrong with Office 2010.
Once again thank you