Teams Now Formally Supports Dynamic Office 365 Groups


The latest version of the Teams desktop and browser clients support the creation of dynamic teams based on dynamic Office 365 Groups. The functionality is welcome, as long as you can pay for it as every member who comes within the scope of a query used for a dynamic team needs an Azure AD P1 license.

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Was so excited to read that...until the AD Prem license requirement.  C'mon MS...there are some things that should just be included without having to buy another subscription.  

Unfortunately, Dynamic Groups in AzureAD have always required an AzureAD Premium subscription.  That isn't a new requirement related to using them with teams, you can't use dynamic groups at all without that license.  


@Steve Whitcherwell I understand Randy's excitement.  The post title makes it seem that the "feature" is available for doesn't mention anything about Azure and another license until you read on and realize it is not really available for teams.   Sure it may always be like that with Azure and blah blah but reading the subject implies that if you have teams then now voila! You can use dynamic office groups out of the box.


Anyway I just saw this 2 year old post wondering why Microsoft peddles teams for schools/education and a "feature" required for managing classrooms/students/teachers is not already included in teams education.