Teams notifications not working or showing ALL the time in Android app


I know there have been notification issues with the Teams client (fix was pushed out earlier this week, I think) but Android app seems to have same/similar issues. Anyone else seeing/experiencing Android notifications issues?

Today, I received NO Teams app notifications when I was inactive on desktop (and with app set to Send Notifications "only when inactive on desktop") plus all Push Notifications were enabled. When I connected to client, I had 10+ channel notifications and 2 chat notifications that never showed in Android app.

Then I also just now received multiple Teams app notifications when I am active on desktop. Thoughts?

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i'm having this issue on iOS as well. Just started happening again. I have "always" turned on with iOS, but still nothing. Running most up-to-date iOS Teams app, and most up-to-date Windows 10 app. Please help Microsoft...
I have had the same issues for the last year of using teams. I either get no messages at all when I'm away from my computer or I keep getting messgaes on my phone while I'm sitting at my computer. It seems to keep switching my notification setting to "always send" on my phone evertime the app updates. So frustrating as our whole team is working from home and I need to know when I have a message while I'm AFK.