Teams Notifications and MFA

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My Organization recently enforced Multi-Factor Authentication for many understandable reasons. Since inception we have noticed a few issues I am looking for help with.

Since MFA is set by the Admin as to the length of time before sign out due to inactivity, many of our people are not receiving important notifications to their mobile devices. Because MFA has signed them out, where prior to MFA they were signed in forever (or until a password change)

I understand the security concern to not show what the Teams Message is if MFA has expired, but is there a way to notify a Team member that they have a new message and then prompt MFA when the user trys to see the new message???

MFA is potentially causing us to stop using Teams throughout or Organization and that would be a shame.

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Not that I know of. However, there’s the option to send emails on missed activity. This may still have the same problem though. This is also not necessarily due to MFA but rather due to either token lifetimes changes or setting the session inactivity timeout. We generally have these just set for unmanaged devices, so won’t necessarily run into this issue.


Correct, the issue is primarily with unmanaged devices. We are a 24/7 organization that had been using teams to notify staff of emergent requests. Since we work beyond the typical 9-5 office setting the staff is not receiving notifications if they haven't "recently" signed in. 


Im curious if Microsoft realizes this defect in the system and if they can work on a fix.


Thanks for your response