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I am looking for a way to send a teams alert to a recipient when that recipient receives an email from a specific sender. Is there any way to do this? I've looked at Outlook rules and found nothing but I could've missed something.



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Hi @Jbux91,

unfortunately, there are no option in Outlook to achieve this.

However, Microsoft Power Automate can be used to trigger a Teams alert (notification, message) when an email from a specific sender is received in Outlook.
Here's a general approach:

  1. Initiate a Power Automate flow:
    Start by creating a new flow within Power Automate.

  2. Define the trigger:
    Select "When a new email arrives" in Outlook as the trigger for your flow. You can specify particular conditions, such as emails from a specific sender.

  3. Incorporate an action:
    Add an action to send a message in Teams. You'll designate the team and channel where the message should appear.

  4. Configure the message:
    Customize the message content to include relevant details from the email, such as sender information, subject, or email body.

Solved: Outlook to teams - Power Platform Community (

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