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Hey there,

I have the following issue:
Once someone schedules a meeting, the WHOLE Team gets notified, since a mail is sent to the Team Group Email. So somehow the whole team thinks, that they have to attend. I just want, that the entered attendees should get notified. How can I change that?

Thanks a lot


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Well why are you sending the request to the Team? It doesnt need to be included, simply add the users you want to attend.


yeah, I thought of that. But then I can't do a meeting in the teams channel, right? I want the opportunity, that all people SEE the meeting, but not get notified.

Thanks :)

Seb, I have asked the same question. It seems reasonable to want to stay on the topic of the channel and stay public but also vary the invite list. This keeps all the records of conversations in the chat together. I can see my bosses outlook diary and can join if a meeting is relevant but don't need invited to everything. If you added the group email to the invite it would be reasonable to invite the whole channel follower-ship. It would also be good to be able to @Tag sub groups in the invite list

@Niall_McPherson Hey there - awesome, I want to read your question but somehow your link is not fully visible. So I can't read your post. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks

Seb - thats the link again.

my suggested changes were:

Show the channel email in the invite box to signify a mass invite.
Then allow us to delete the channel email from the invite list to stop 'mass invites'
Allow the use of Tags (for the relevant group) in meeting invites held in a channel.

@Niall_McPherson I can't open it. the rest of the link is unvisible for me. Don't know what to do ...

The second half = adjusting-invites-to-teams-channel-meetings/m-p/1860389

I think @Niall_McPherson's question is very relevant.  My company switched to Teams this year, and this is my biggest complaint.  I feel that I should be able to set up a meeting with some members of a Team Channel, without ALL the members getting an invitation.


Regarding the response I've seen to this issue that if I want if I want to meet with only some of a Team Channel's members I should set up a regular, non-channel, meeting - the problem with this approach is that if a meeting is set up outside of the channel, there is no remotely easy way to associate that separate meeting with the channel.


I am coming against this scenario again and again:

  1. I have a topic to discuss that is solidly related to a Team Channel
  2. Not all team members need to be included in the conversation
  3. BUT it is important to have the fact that the meeting took place, as well as any meeting materials to be associated with the channel

Not being able to easily restrict who in a channel receives an invite as extraordinarily disruptive; scheduling a channel related meeting outside of a channel stands contrary to the intent of being able to easily share and communicate information to the channel members.


Having the option to have a setting on a Team level (on a channel level ideally) NOT to have all channel members become automatically optional attendees in any meeting that is scheduled in a channel in which they are members would strike a nice balance between communication/transparency and not being overwhelmed by not quite relevant information.