Teams notification is shown as a song in system player after a call

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Usually I listen to music via Spotify web-player in Google Chrome.

When I get a Teams call, I pause the music with my keyboard (I have a separate media button for pause/play). But after meeting is over when I press "play" on my keyboard, it plays the Teams call "song".

It is very annoying and funny at the same time.

Teams call ring-tone is added to the player widget in MacBook. This is how it looks like:


Why does this feature even exist?


Expected: The Teams call "song" should not be playable at all. Who would like to listen to this? :D


My environment:

  • Microsoft Teams Version
  • macOS Version: Big Sur 11.2.3.
  • Google Chrome Version: Version 89.0.4389.90 
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My colleague has reported, that it happens in Windows too.
The issue is global and happens not only in browser.
The same error happens with the Spotify app and not only in Mac but in Windows as well.

Screenshot in Windows: