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Hello everyone!


I'm working on trying to figure out a potential solution for a problem my team is encountering. I've done some searching and have come up empty handed so far, any help would be greatly appreciated!


Situation: The company has a folder on a server where they drop in two file types (exe and txt) for new iterations of our program. Our dev team has an automated email set up for an exe release, but as of right now there is nothing in the works for when they drop in a .txt. file. The .txt reflects a rollback on a version and it would be extremely helpful for my team to be notified when this occurs.


Desired (/Potential) Solution: I would like to set up a notification in Teams to a channel in my Group every time a file is added to this specific folder. I think Flow would be the best for this, but I'm unsure of how to implement it. We are not utilizing Sharepoint or OneDrive.


A problem may be I don't have access to install anything network wide, so I'm not sure if that's going to create a roadblock. Does anyone have any suggestions or integrated apps for Teams they'd recommend?


Thanks so much and I hope everyone is having a great day so far!

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If you are using Teams you are using a sharepoint behind the scenes :)

Just set up a flow that triggers on a new file somewhere related to that Team and post a message to Teams! You can do this directly from Teams by adding the flow tab for example!
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The situation says company has folder on a server, so flow wouldn't work unless you had an on-prem data gateway setup (which will require premium licenses).

Ideally if that folder on the server that intakes these files can get moved to a SharePoint library or to a Teams folder then you can utilize flow easily.
Yeah, misread somewhat here! Chris is right regarding if this is files on-premises :\
Although, no reason to keep them there, right? Move to SharePoint:ok_hand:

@Chris Webb  and @adam deltinger Thanks guys! I was trying a few different things, but it did seem to keep coming back to thinking I was missing something pretty big. Unfortunately I'm not in a position where I can incite the company to change their file system to SharePoint, but I'll definitely let them know my feelings if it ever comes up. :smile:


Thanks again and have a great week!