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As a user of multiple tenancies I do not get Teams chat notifications unless I am running Teams Client (either web app or windows app) and am logged into the source tenancy. 


Is there a Teams Notification app or windows service available that uses the Teams API to monitor for messages and toast me ? I cannot find one on MS Store but given the issue of "missed notifications" is so common with multi-tenancy Teams, I hoped there might be a product that carries out this kind of agent role, without the user needing to load the whole Teams client. The advantage I'd be expecting would be that the agent could be run multiple times, and therefore monitor multiple tenancies simultaneously.


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That's the expected behavior sadly, no workarounds. Microsoft is supposedly working on a better experience with the Teams v2 client, in the meantime best you can do is configure email notifications.
@Vasil - thanks for the reply. I realise this is expected behaviour, but the notifications are available through Graph API so I was questioning whether there was a commercial or open source "Notification Monitor" that made use of the APIs that could be used on Windows to provide a basic notification forwarding task to the Windows toast. It seems such a useful thing that I was hoping the community would know of one.