Teams not working with University email address

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I have been trying to use teams with my university email address but it is not working. Every time I tried it gave an error message.

I contacted my university and all admin permissions are granted. Can you please help.Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 4.52.29 PM.png

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Try contacting the admin about the email address and check if they can assist you better with this issue.
In addition to this, in case you’re using the Internet Explorer, try working in ‘InPrivate browsing’ and check the results.
Open the Internet Explorer > Hold the Ctrl + Shift + Letter ‘P’ from the keyboard to launch the browser in the ‘InPrivate browsing’ and try logging and check the results.

Note: You may also try working with a different browser and verify the results.


Thanks for the response.

I asked University admin and they confirmed all the required permissions have been granted.

Regarding browser, using Safari. Also downloaded the app but it is not working  

@BeenishTabrez Sorry, I'm pretty sure your admin is wrong, anyway the problem should be with them to fix, they can raise a Microsoft ticket if they need help.

Thanks. I will reach out to them again.