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Before Christmas I set up a Teams group with different channels and added members to the group. I checked with a couple of people that everything was working fine. Now, coming back from the holidays, it´s not working.

Some members are granted access to the group but can´t see the content on the page that is linked to Sharepoint. Another member got a message saying "You need permission to access this item". 


I am not sure of what has gone wrong since it was working before Christmas. When checking on the team members I can see that everyone is included in the group on Teams so they should have permissions. Last night, I tried to set up the group in Sharepoint as well so that they would get permissions but not sure if that is correct. When reading about setting permissions I understood that I shouldn´t need to set permissions on Sharepoint as well. The members will only be working in Teams.


Can someone help me out with this? It is for an external client so it is really important to me to get this to work.


Thanks in advance!


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The members who aren't able to access the content are internal or external guest users?
Are all the Teams affected or just a specific Team is?
I had a long chat with Microsoft support yesterday and I got some help with this but everything is not solver yet.
What happened is that I had made a template for creating new teams with the same channels and content in them. But, the permissions were set for the new team and the links to the channels referred to the original team. The team members did not have access to the original team. We found a solution were I copy the pages to the new team and that worked to some degree.
What happened is that the text that I had written were still in the new channels but not images, videos and forms. I could not edit the new channels either so I still had to create new channels and recreate all the content.
So my big challenge now is to find a way to copy ALL the content so that I don´t have to recreate everything over and over again. This is an online course so my plan is to have several groups going through the program. I can´t spend time on recreating everything for every new group....
Argh! I see ya the to my knowledge the Teams templates do not copy the content over to the new teams so you may have to manually do it or use some 3rd party software.

I don't see any option to copy content over with the Cloning method, personally i haven't tried this yet -