Teams not showing as muted

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I have several users that are using the Jabra Evolve 75 headset with Teams. If they try to mute themselves using the headset, like the button or putting the mic boom in the up position, Teams does not show that they are muted. They are actually muted though. Other people on the call think that they are unmuted when they're actually muted. If they click the mute button inside of Teams, it does show as muted. I've run repairs on Office, disabled/re-enabled the Teams integration with Jabra Direct, but no luck. Any ideas on this?

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I worked with Jabra to resolution on this issue. It turned out to be the Link 370 USB dongle that came with the Jabra 75 UC headset. Jabra support sent me a Link 380 USB dongle to use with the same headset, and I have gone about a month now with having the mute status in MS Teams match the mute status of the headset 100% of the time.


  • MacOS Ventura
  • Link 380 with firmware version 1.16.0 (instead of the Link 370)
  • Jabra Evolve 75 UC (not Teams edition) with firmware version "2.38.0 (Value Pack 2)"
  • Jabra Direct version 6.5.31801
  • Microsoft Teams Version

One thing to note. I had another issue where in about 20% of the meetings I joined I could hear all of the participants in the meeting but none of them could hear me. If I went to Device Settings in Teams and changed the speaker from the Link 380 to the MacBook Pro speakers I could immediately hear the participants in the meeting.  Instantly switch back to Link 380 and I could hear them in the headset.


The solution to that problem was to enable the "PC audio" setting for the Link 380 in Jabra Direct.  With that setting enabled I have had flawless MS Teams meetings for about 3 weeks now.  I am in MS Teams meetings pretty well all day every day for work.