Teams Not Responding when joining or starting meeting


Ever since the new year, I've been having an issue where teams will hang and produce a "Teams is not responding" message when attempting to join or start a meeting using the desktop client. This does not happen in the web client.


Occasionally I can kill the desktop client and restart it and quickly get into a meeting, at which point it will start not responding during the meeting.


Any ideas on how to fix this?

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I found that there is an issue with the invite that was sent. I have two issues like this. Once we resent the invite it was working just fine.

@PKeller80 unfortunately this happens with every meeting, even when I create a new meeting using "meet now" so not related to the invite.

@sam cogan -I had this issue. I did a reinstall of Office, via the online portal, then signed myself out of all devices, via the portal, rebooted my laptop, and it seems OK so far. Good luck -the other responses said to create a new account, that doesn't work so well for most people.

I have an identical problem, every time I join a meeting, the Teams window becomes unresponsive and all that's left is teams shutting down. At the same time, simple calls work great. Have you found any solution? Reinstalling office 365 didn't help.

I am found that Quiting Teams not closing it helps.  Right click on the teams icon on the taskbar.  Next click on Quit.  This seems to help.