Teams not parsing youtube links pasted into a conversation


Couple of days ago I pasted a YouTube link into a teams channel and it loaded and displays a thumbnail.  Now it fails to do this for YouTube links.  I tried another streaming site like Vimeo and it works.  Also displays regular web pages just fine.


Why does it no loner load YouTube links?


Also before you suggest it for various reasons I cannot use the YouTube connector plus as noted earlier I didnt need it a few weeks ago.




I continued to do some testing and I'm finding some links work and some do not.  Very strange.


However I have a theory.  Just using a very small group of text URL's (4) 2 work and 2 do not.  Seems that a links that play a YouTube add first do not display the thumbnail in Teams.  The 2 that work properly do not play an add when I click.


Seem's YouTube adds are the likely cause?  Would be great if someone could try it and confirm.

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Hi @lfk73   This appears to be a bug in the Flow Connector.  One solution is adding the link with the <a href=""....etc in the flow should create a clickable link in the Teams channel.  Here's an old post from our PowerAutomate site: Unable to insert clickable URL in Teams post from ... - Power Platform Community (


If you can't find a solution here, you might want to contact, where agents are available to assist until your problem is resolved.