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Hi There.


Currently working through a Hybrid deployment of  some New Windows 10 endpoints with the Microsoft 365 Business Premium suite of applications being deployed via MEM application deployment.


The End points provision fine, even the Hybrid Join component with the all the Office suite of applications working with the exception of Teams.


The deployment of the Business apps is user targeted and not Device targeted.


Teams does not load after the machine has been rebooted as it would usually.

I have tried all the options I can find on the net (deleting the Teams Cache folder via %appdata% etc) removing and re-installing, both via MEM sync to re-deploy the office app and via direct re-install.

If some one is able to provide some assistance with it would be greatly appreciated as I have 20+ new machine to deploy.





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@torquetechit_tonyd Hello, I don't work in this area and the only thing I can think of is the preventfirstlaunchafterinstall reg key. Prevent Microsoft Teams from starting automatically after installation (


Perhaps another member with more experience about deployment will reply.


Attaching this handy script if you would like to do some tests. It allows you to reset all autostart settings to the default settings for Teams PowerShell script sample - Reset the autostart setting in Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs