Teams not letting me use my "work" account

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So hopefully this is a simple fix. I have Teams installed on my android phone and my IPad and during both of those installations when I input my work email address, which is an Office 365 account, it asks to select "Work" or "Personal" account. I have both. One obviously for work and one is associated with my son's Xbox. I also have a Gmail account linked to my Xbox since Microsoft won't allow two accounts under one email address. Got it?


Now on my PC at the office, running Windows 11, I am logged in with the Gmail account so I can see my Xbox related items. In Outlook I am logged in with my work email. When I want to use Teams on the PC it defaults to the Gmail acct. When I "Sign Out" of the Gmail acct., and try to sign back in with my work email it doesn't give me the option to select "Work" or "Personal" it just goes straight to personal. How do I get Teams to sign in to the "work" account?  Simple. ;) 

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