Teams no longer automatically uploading to Stream

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I have an E3 license, and up until a couple of months ago - whenever I would record a meeting in Teams it would automatically upload to Stream. It doesn't show an error, it just doesn't do it.


The meeting recording appears in Teams once finished, in the meeting group chat. However, for me to get it into Stream, I have to download the file to my PC, upload it to Stream, and share with my company.


Does anyone know why it has just stopped working? I've searched here, and every where, and can't seem to find a reason. 

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Hello, what you're experiencing should be part of the new storage locations for meeting recordings. I know that A1 subscribers for example had their automatic upload stopped and had to do it your manual way. Didn't know that E3 was affected though (if that's the case here).

Anyway, you should reach out to your IT admin for more information about your organization's transition from Stream as storage to OneDrive/SharePoint as storage. They ought to know. Attaching this link for reference

Let me know if this was even more confusing.
I had read about the A1 subscribers being affected, but didn't think I would be. Especially since I think that change was a year ago, and I've been able to automatically upload up until a few months ago. I'll reach out to my IT admin. Thank you so much for your response!
@ChristianBergstrom — did you ever get this figured out with your license type?