Teams nearly always fails to instantiate a Sharepoint site when created

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Virtually every time I create a new team the associated sharepoint file store is not created. Instead I get a page indicate that "we are setting up your file directory". Refreshing the page does not help as it never appears to succeed. Note, this is not every time, occasionally it has worked, but this is less and less often now.


My company has O365 accounts, I'm running Windows 10 with Teams in an app and access SharePoint regularly, everything MSFTy works as expected, it is only Teams that fails. Am I doing something wrong - if so, what do I need to do to have a reliable experience?







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I would recommend opening a support ticket on this one. It should be entirely reliable.


It proved to be a patience issue.


My expectation of "a few minutes" meaning "a few minutes" were not reasonable. MSFT support indicated that 10 minutes to an hour was the correct time to wait. However, that proved to be incorrect as the test Teams created with them required 90 to 120 minutes to add the SharePoint sites - but importantly, they were created.


From my perspective this is inadequate for a modern productivity application and needs to be improved to (an incredibly frustrating, but not giving up hope period of time of) a few minutes, i.e. 2-3 minutes.