Teams name change sync time

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We have a user that we recently added a display name for (which received approval from management) and then management came back and asked us to revert it back and remove the display name change.  No problem, completed the change in AD, its replicated to the GAL so outlooks address book now shows the proper name and the admin center as well. But the Teams application seems to be halfway there.  The name is still displaying with the wrong name but I can now search by the default name (as well as the incorrect display name).  I have tried updating the software, rebooting the machine, downloading a new address book, uninstalling/reinstalling Teams (after removing the Teams app data folders) and nothing seems to have made any difference.  I completed the change about 24 hours ago and usually after the overnight replication, its completed.  Does Teams take longer to update or something?

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There's a lot of caching going on, both on the backend and client. You've done all you can, now wait :)