Teams muting system microphone - Microsoft Play Together for Work and School accounts?

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I currently have an issue where many meeting participants in a Teams call have their system microphone muted when pressing the 'mute' button in a Teams meeting. This is an issue as I need participants to have the ability mute in the Teams call while simultaneously use their microphone in another application.


I know there are settings which users can adjust in order to stop allowing Teams to take control of an input device, but do not feel it is feasible to ask every participant to do this.

I have used MS Teams Play Together - it does not seem to have this issue and has a really nice picture-in-picture feature, but it is not currently available for work or school accounts. Does anyone know if they are planning to make this available for work or school accounts, or if there is an alternative setting I can use to ensure Teams does not control participant microphones from my end?



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