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Please help...we are in the process of upgrading a number of our classrooms for Hybrid learning in the Fall.  I number of our instructors will be using Microsoft Teams.  We have purchased and installed new PCs for use in these classrooms.  We installed the Teams client on the Admin account and it is available as an icon option for other profiles the log-in; however, the app will not launch on the other profiles.  So, on the admin account, I can sign into my Teams account just fine; however, when I log into my personal network account and try to launch the app nothing happens (task manager doesn't even show it as a running process).  How do we fix this so that whomever logs in will be able to launch, sign-in, and run Teams?

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@tjohanneson Hello, there are different ways to deploy/install the Teams client. What kind of method did you use? Was Teams installed manually with an admin account at these computers? I would like to direct you to this page to get a better understanding how the installation process works, you'll see where the files are supposed to be located as well. Hope it helps guiding you in the right direction!