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We are needing to have more than one meeting organiser who is able to edit recurring meeting details/attendees/starting times of occurrences as needed. We are in a situation where we have part time staff job sharing who both need access to the feature. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I think that the best way to do this is to share a calendar, either that you schedule the meeting from a resource account (but then you need licenses for this account). Or that you create the meeting in your calendar and then allow others to be delegates to your calendar with edit permissions. But in Teams it will only be you that are the organiser, so only you will be able to end meeting.

Hi @kyliemid ,


Does it work to do these meetings as part of a channel? So everyone that needs the ability to amend can be part of the Team that the channel being used for the meeting is in. I would hope in that situation all Team members are allowed to change the meeting.


Alternatively as we are essentially still talking Exchange under the hood in terms of the Calendar entry. You could delegate and then those person/persons would be able to certainly manipulate by way of Outlook.


I would also recommend taking a look at the meeting via Outlook as that sometimes will give you more options than what you can currently do so from within Teams. Such as the ability to only update new participants.





Hi @HenryPhillipsNimbitech 

are you sure that when creating a meeting in a channel, all team members can edit meeting details, time etc?

We are currently trying this in our team but unfortunately do not know how others than the oranizer can modify the meeting. Would you have any tip how to do this?


Thanks, Andrea

@Andrea2007PG  Hi,


Sorry, you are quite right and I suppose it is kind of good in a way but only the person who scheduled the meeting (Organiser) can edit meeting settings and options.

I also had a quick look at the Meeting via Outlook as that can be a good way of say sending an update without sending the update to everyone.

So in this instance I would look to add something to User Voice: Microsoft Teams UserVoice