Teams MSI Installer not installing for all users on some machines

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I've searched and maybe I'm just not finding the correct key words, but has anyone else run into the problem of Teams not installing itself for all users even though the "Teams machine-wide installer" is present on the machine?


I have multiple machines where most users' Teams installs itself properly at login, but one or two users do not.

Put those users on a different machine and Teams is there working as expected.


Any ideas for troubleshooting or resolution?

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Hi Alex,

May be the Teams machine-wide installer causing that issues, I would suggest just delete the Teams folder under C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\ and download the latest version from and try the installation fresh

Hope this helps,
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We have been dealing with this issue as well and last week I finally had the time to tackle it. Rather than try to deal with why TMWI was not launching for all users on all machines, I did an end-run around it to achieve my goal.

Going back to the old days, I created a batch file that I put into the All Users Startup folder that checks to see if Teams is installed for the current user and if not, launches the TMWI. There are a few flashes on the screen at login when the command window comes up, but it works. Here is what I put into it:


if not exist %userprofile%\appdata\local\Microsoft\Teams\Update.exe "%programfiles(x86)%\Teams Installer\Teams.exe"


Gotta love growing up with batch files and environment variables. :) Hope this helps you and anyone else that runs into this.





Thank you, great solution !


So awesome we are still having to hack around with batch files, logon scripts and reg entries etc (all those things they tell us aren't best practice) to get 'Modern' MS apps to do normal things like install for all users.


Thank you for contributing a solution, I'm off to give it a whirl.

This worked a treat! Thank you
getting "syntax of the command incorrect" on first line. second line works but don't want this running every time if already installed.


It is only one line.

Place it on a cmd file, in the 'shell:common startup' and let it run each time. It doesn't consume a lot.

command line is not my thing. ellaborate on 'shell:common startup'. I was thinking about adding to my login script if possible.
shell:common startup is a way to access the startup directory in a row. Try on a 'windows+R' command and you'll see.
You can add the line in a script, it will work. And only if the program is not installed.
We should have to be doing any of this. If MS would stop releasing these half-baked apps...