Teams Mobile - Screen Sharing error only on Android Pixel Phones

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Today we noticed that when in a Teams meeting on a Google Pixel phone running the latest Android 14 OS, we are unable to use the Screen Share option in a meeting.

The error message "Action Blocked. This action is not allowed by your organization." pops up after choosing to screen sharing.


Those with this issue are able to share individual pictures, just not cast their entire screen to Teams.

This led me to believe that one of our application protection policies was blocking this feature from working, but there is no such setting to enable.  The closest one is related to screen capture and I have that allowed.


Those with Samsung Android phones with the latest Android OS 14 are successfully able to Screen Share, so its not any policy we have related to android phones.

iPhones are also successfully able to screen share from Teams without any issues.


I did also check our global policy settings for meeting and content sharing is allowed.  Content sharing is also allowed for the specific meeting we tested in.


If anyone else has a Google Pixel phone with the latest version of android on it, please let me know if you are experiencing the same problems with sharing your screen in a Teams Meeting.

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@OLM_Dan I can confirm this is ocurring in my tenant as well. At least 3 Pixel users have presented with the same issue, while Samsung or other non-Pixel Android users have no issues. No issues on iPhone either.


Similarly, I have updated our Screen Capture policy to Enabled in App Protection and then reinstalled all APP covered apps to confirm that policy is pulled back down. The issue persists.


Receive Data from Other Apps is set to All apps.


Were you able to fix this?


Looking into whether there is a new 

@James_Krueger No resolution yet. Was able to share once after installing the Teams app, but never again. Pixel generations 6, 7, and are 8 affected - possibly others. All relevant permissions were granted.

Thanks James. I don't feel alone with this problem now.
I haven't been able to fix this yet. We have a ticket open with Microsoft support and we are sending them some logs and additional information. I'll keep you updated on the progress and if we find a solution.

@let_olmsted Pixel 5 is unaffected.

Same is applicable for Pixel Fold.

Thi interesting thing - MS Teams was working correctly all April and part of May. I cannot find what exact version is OK with our phones - MS Teams app version is controlled by my organization on my device

That makes sense - the Pixel fold has the same SoC (Tensor G2) as the Pixel 7, 7 Pro, 7a, and Tablet. This seems like a PixelOS bug. The fact that it works on the Pixel 5 makes me think it may be a driver issue. The Pixel 5 uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G SoC, while the newer Pixels use Tensor (modified Samsung Exynos) SoCs.

We heard back from Microsoft Support. They found no fault in the Teams app on their side and have suggested the we submit an issue to Google Pixel support since this is specific to only certain Google devices.
We have opened the ticket with Google and are waiting for a response.