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I've read through similar threads, but don't think they mention my question.

I keep getting chat notifications on my mobile even when I close the app. I know I can turn the notifications off (which I've done), but I feel one should be able to turn the app 'off' or leave the conversation when you're not involved anymore. Bear in mind I'm not in a call at this point.

What's the philosophy behind this?


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Hi! Teams work as other apps giving you notifications when app is not active! To mute chats you don’t want notifications for you can left swipe and select mute! Teams give you pretty good settings for configuring exactly how and when you want to be notified Adam
Think you were referring to meeting chats as Adam said you can mute those or leave them once a meeting is done. There is also options on the teams desktop client or web for setting when joining meetings to not notify you or chats.

There is also quiet hours you can set for teams only as well if you were talking about all notifications but you do have quiet a few options s for tweaking and customizing you notifications.