Teams migration options - Microsoft APIs or 3rd Party tools

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Is there any APIs available from Microsoft to migrate the personal one to one chat and group chat messages as I could find only the API's for Channel message Migration.


API for getting the chat message in a channel :{Group ID}/channels/{Channel ID}/messages


It would be great if anyone can suggest any 3rd party tools in the Market which migrate the Private one to one chat and group chat ?


Note : Please note, The context is the migration of Teams from one 0365 Tenant to another.


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@HARIKRISHNAN_P_K unfortunately there is no API available to migrate one to one and group chats of Teams from one tenant to another. There are indeed some vendors who "migrate" the data, but it will end up in screenshots, text files, or just for ediscovery purposes. You can't - as you already mentioned - write data to channels is possible.


What I'm doing today is, if people need the chat data: you can export the chat files via ediscovery search. Either a single PST per user or all chat files within a single PST. The first option is recommended, as you can easily import the PST file with the chats into the mailbox. But this isn't very user-friendly of course.

@HARIKRISHNAN_P_K I would recommend trying Apps4Pro Migration manager. This app migrates Teams personal 1:1 chat as well as Group chat between tenants.