Teams messages search function does not show full conversation

Jason Drew

When using the search function in Teams chat, is there a way to see more than just one specific message (I would like to see the response to the message)? For example, I searched for a question that I asked someone but I want to know what their response was. Right now I can only see the question I asked. Here is a screenshot.

Teams search.png


In my opinion, we should be able to navigate through the conversation after searching.


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To spare you from further disappointment - search in Teams is currently almost useless. The good news is that Microsoft has heard our complaints loud and clear and is working on an improved search experience.

@Jason Drew I have just came up against this issue as well and found this post whilst searching for a solution. Has anyone any indication of what is happening or a link to a uservoice? Really is annoying that I cans see part of the conversation but can't see the rest which contains what I am looking for.

@Scott Preston The search now works properly for me. I can search a keyword and it just takes me to that place in the conversation.

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