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Hi all,


We have a unique problem. We prefer Teams and had Teams Update in islands mode. As far as I can tell, we are very rare as all documentation is around supporting orgs who prefer SfB over Teams, not vice versa.


1. External user A sends our user B a message from their Teams client.

2. User B receives the message on Skype for Business (strange, is this expected?)

3. To try to combat this, we changed to Teams only.

4. User A sends user B another Teams message. The message isn't received on user B's Teams. I suspect that it's still going to SfB.


Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

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Yes, this is expected! If an external users sends a message to a user in islands mode, it’s always going to Skype!

You did right setting him to teams-only but it can take time to propagate! Give it time, also there are cache issues! Both do a full logout / login of the teams clients

When did you set the user to teams-only?

Thanks Adam.

I made the change about 10 hours ago, I'm hoping that's enough time. A full logout and in was done, but no change in result.

One thing to note is that on user A's (external) Teams, it shows user B's presence as offline. I suspect it's looking at SfB presence. For user B, user A's presence is online.

I've also had user A send to other of our users, and still same result which is nothing now (since we can no longer log into SfB).
It can take days afaik :\

MS is aware of these propagation and cache issues and are working on making this more efficient
Did you set all organization to teams - only??

You can do this per user basis too!
Ah, okay, it looks like it's working. I had to ask the sender (external) to logout and back in to Teams as well.
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@adam deltinger


I have a similar issue here: 


1. I look for an external user from my Teams client.

2. The chat initially comes up with the correct person, but at the bottom says something like "due to org policy changes, certain functions are no longer allowed, click here to switch" and it switches to the external user's address with a skype logo on it.

3. The message i then send to that user says "This user is unavailable or offline. We've sent an email instead." I know that this user can communicate correctly and is online, but my messages never get through.

4. My organization is set for Teams only.


Can you tell me what i'm doing wrong? Communications with a different client go through correctly - not with a skype logo. Is this a setting i need to update or have the external client update?