Teams Messages Auto Read

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Anyone come across teams message become auto read even though conversation was not opened.

i have been thinking maybe teams on mobile phone was causing this issue but after removed still the same. 


now people PMs me i would not know unless i go through one by one. 

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@Jeff-5159 I have just had a user report the same issue, for just one conversation. Killed Teams, checked update, restarted. Still doing it though.

@Luc_ZA  thanks for your reply, how was it so far?

@Jeff-5159 I have the same issue recently and it's getting out of hand. While I am not even on teams (minimised) I come back and see a few messages received without notification and they're already "Read" - I have to scroll up and down time and time again to find any messages I have missed. It's so unproductive

yea, it is really on and off hopefully the next update will definitely have this resolved.