Teams Membership Limit Raised to 5,000 (per team)



Microsoft revealed that Teams now supports a increase to 5,000 members per team. The new maximum will help large organizations like Accenture (the largest user of Teams). Even with the increased limit, Teams might not be the best choice for organization-wide communications for the largest companies. Yammer is still the Microsoft coillaboration scalability champ.

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How long till Teams Group Chat simply replaces Yammer ...

Not until you can access the conversations in Public Teams without joining them. And to have a feed of all visible conversations across the tenant.

Hi @Tony Redmond 


Just tried adding a large Distribution List Group and got a message that the 3,500 users limit had been reached on our Team.
Do you know if the 5,000 limit has been rolled out, or does it need to be set up somewhere?


Thanks Nicholas

AFAIK, the limit should be everywhere. Maybe time to file a support ticket with Microsoft to ask them to check?

@Tony Redmond 

One of our large partners is asking if there is a current plan to increase the Teams membership maximum further in the future (beyond 5K)?


There are some uservoice requests about this, but just with a few votes. Maybe Teams is not the best product for so many users, in general I think Yammer is better for large number of users instead of having them all in one team.


@Nicholas Rogoff 

For anyone with this question it turns out you need to have the Teams Admin set the Team as an Organisation Wide Team .

However, apparently you can't choose the users that join this automatically add everyone in you organisation.
This is a problem for organisations with more than 5,000 employees. We are trying to find out if there is a way to create an organisation wide Team, but who's membership is specified to a specific AAD group rather.

@Nicholas Rogoff Yes, it's true that only global admins can create org-wide teams. This is reasonable because you don't want people creating an org-wide team without thinking. As to your question about an org-wide team based on other criteria (like an AAD group), you can do this two ways:


1. Create a dynamic group for the team membership and tie membership to a filter against AAD. For example, everyone in Sales.

2. Use the AAD group you already have and populate the team membership from it using PowerShell. This is easy, but you'll have to update membership on an ongoing basis because no link will exist between the team and the AAD group.

@Tony Redmond 


Any news on increasing this limit above 5,000? We are an org of 190,000 and would like to have 25,000 users in a Team for support purposes. Yammer won't cut it and does not have the features we are looking for.



@DownTownMTB  I don't work for Microsoft so can't possibly say when or if they will raise the limit past 5,000. But as soon as any facts are revealed publicly, I'll certainly flag them for everyone to know.