Teams meetings (using Zoom/Webex/BlueJeans) and room equipment

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We are looking at videoconferencing solutions - one of which is the Logitech Tap for teams.  Many of our customers use Webex, Zoom, and BlueJeans, so I need to see if Microsoft Teams can interface with those products.


They've all got Teams 'apps', but when launching a meeting it simply opens a web browser to start the conference call (I'm performing testing on a regular Windows machine).  Am I right in assuming that these can't be handled within Teams, therefore it is unlikely to work in a product such as the Logitech Tap?

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Hi @Russell_Morris 


Currently we can use the Microsoft Teams and Teams Room System for doing a One Touch Dial Feature similar to any other vendor Meeting. It works similarly and the Teams Meeting is initiated instantly. What is the Video End Point apart from Logitech TAP.


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Satish U 

Hi , Satish; thanks for your reply.


Our end-point will be other customer's conferencing solutions - but rarely MS Teams. 


Hi Russell - We too considered going the Logitech Tap, but found the experience cloogy and confusing for end users vs standard Team Meeting Room (TMR) interface. What's more, there was a subscription involved for the Logitech Interop and confusion licensing (per room or per user or per meeting?) that made us less-than-excited to use that solution.

The good news... is that Microsoft announced TMR ability to connect to Zoom/WebEx back at Ignite 2019. Check out the blog announcement here (It's near the end of #3). While we waited, we encouraged folks to join a Zoom/WebEx via their PC to share the content to the room, and dial in when possible. A bit cumbersome, but worked.


The better news is TRM connection to third parties has gone GA for WebEx and is in preview for Zoom. @Graham Walsh did a nice write up of enabling the Zoom piece here. You can also use the guidance for help setting up your WebEx piece. 

As far as Bluejeans goes, I do see a join custom URI option now on my TMR devices. I don't have a BlueJeans link (we rarely get them after the Zoom/Teams war started) but I might give that a go.

Either way, I definitely think the TRM experience is much better than the Logitech Tap Interop experience.

Hope this helps (albeit a bit late). 

@Jody Finch 


Hi Jody, and thanks for your reply.


We ended up going with the Logitech Rally bundle and using a PC to drive the applications, rather than the Tap.  Everyone has been quite pleased with it thus far.  We're going more teams-based in the near future so we'll definitely be taking a closer look at TMR.


Likewise with Bluejeans becoming less relevant over the last few months - almost everything has been Skype/Teams/Zoom.