Teams meetings not recognising the organiser in meeting arranged by delegate

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Hi there


I have recently taken on a new EA role for a man who has multiple Exec jobs which means multiple diaries/email addresses.  I have them all loaded up on Outlook and have delegate access as an Editor. I can see/access/edit/reply to all emails/calendars and manage them all effectively EXCEPT when I set up a Teams meeting.


When I invite people to the Teams meeting they receive the invite and accept.  When the meeting takes place, my boss goes to enter the meeting and it holds him in the Lobby and doesn't recognise him as the meeting organiser, even though he is listed as the organiser and he's opening it from his diary.  


Can you help - I have tried the IT dept of his work that employs me but they're disinterested they consider it not their company (even though he was employed on that basis!). 



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@RosieT123 Hello, I get that this is causing some trouble as Teams and Exchange are depending on each other, i.e. the same account should be used signed into Outlook for Windows and Teams desktop. For this particular scenario your manager is most likely trying to access a meeting signed in with another account/organization (top right corner in Teams) not being recognized as belonging to that organization, hence get stuck in the lobby.


The manager should sign out and sign in to the organization with the associated account or use InPrivate / Incognito browser windows for the different credentials. As an alternative, try tweaking the lobby settings to let 'everyone' in (if applicable).

That is so helpful. Thank you!!!