Teams Meetings in specific channel VIA OUTLOOK

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I see that if I'm in a team channel, I can schedule a meeting via Meet Now and specify the channel to meet in.


Is there any way to do this via Outlook? I only seem to be able to specify it as a Teams meeting which ends up creating it's own chat room.



Our events team has a channel for major events.

When the event is occurring, we have an online meeting set up to work the event.

As the scheduled meeting was done via Outlook, this creates it's own 'Meeting Chat'.

We would like the conversation to all be kept within the Event-specific channel.

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AFAIK, meet now can only be done within Teams and not Outlook

However, I am pretty sure you can specify the channel when booking through meetings in the Teams client?

Best, Chris
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@john eddy yes, you can create a scheduled meeting using the meeting tab on the left rail. You cannot currently do it via Outlook. They might update the add-in to include channels, but making that available to the general user can have some consequences since anonymous users or people outside the Team can't join when you create a channel meeting. 


If you have to use Outlook, what I used to do is create a regular meeting, and in the join information, just link to a Conversation in the channel where I'm going to have the meeting and do a meet now right when the meeting starts, this way you can just have everyone in the Team, @mention them on the meet now meeting and everyone joins and go's. 

@Christopher Hoard 


You're right, I was not 100% clear in what I wrote.


By "I see that if I'm in a team channel, I can schedule a meeting via Meet Now and specify the channel to meet in" I specifically meant that, while I am in a channel, I can click on Meet Now and then click on Schedule a Meeting and those steps provide me with an interface that allows me to specify the channel in which to meet. 


I don't want to actually do a 'meet now' in Outlook, I want to specify the channel via Outlook.


@Chris Webb 


Ugh. I mean, good workaround. Training the coworkers, otoh.. ugh. =\

Yeah, is what it is thou for now :(. I just tell people, if it's part of the Team and we are using Teams, use Teams to schedule.

If it's People outside your Team or the organization use Outlook, usually the easiest way to approach training your users.

I have the same need and usecase

@john eddy Hi. What I do is start a Meet now (by myself), copy the link of the specific meet (you find it in Meeting details) and then create a Teams meeting in Outlook but replace the hyperlink created by Outlook with the hyperlink of the meet I just initiated.

When people invited press on that link, they will all enter the specific meet in the specific channel (of course, if they have access to the channel).

 I have not managed to find another solution which allows me to organise, in Outlook, a meeting in a specific channel.

Has anyone found a solution yet to set-up scheduled Teams Channel meetings via Outlook yet?