Teams Meetings and Email Notifications

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Hello, I wanted to inquire on this possibility.

Currently I correctly receive email notifications on my Teams mailbox whenever someone else in my organization invites me to a Teams Meeting, and that's fine.


Is there a way I can have a similar email sent to my own Teams mailbox when I create the Teams Meeting?

I know this may sound redundant and stupid, but it still would help me a lot for reasons I won't bore you all with.

So, is this possible through a checkbox or an advanced setting somewhere?

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Try using Power Automate and add a flow with upcoming appointments in an email or similar, if that's applicable for your use case.

You can create your own or use preconfigured templates such as this
In general that's a nice approach, but I would need individual messages for each new event created in my calendar.
Tried to give a look to PowerAutomate/Flow and there's indeed a trigger for "New event created in calendar" which is fantastic, but I can't find a "forward calendar event to email address" action to follow that trigger with. There's plenty of actions to create custom email messages or to make specific queries in the calendar DB, but no specific option to forward the newly created event to a selected email address.

Could easily do that (as a matter of fact I alredy do) through Outlook rules & filters, creating a rule that forwards the event invite whenever you receive one.
But this brings us back to square one: I do not receive an invite when I create the event myself.