Teams Meeting Video is zoomed to 10x when using 2nd monitor

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Has anyone faced the same issue but only for the video? While I am using the Surface Pro 8 screen the video looks properly but when I move the video to one of my external monitors it zooms to 10X. Any ideas why?

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I suspect that the resolution and/or scale of the other monitors may be different.

@Ed Woodrick 

I only switched from using a Surface Pro 7 to 8, which had the same resolution, and did not change anything on the monitors. The SP8 has a higher resolution, but that has never been an issue when using the Logitech Brio camera.

I kind of guessed what happened. I had on the Surface Pro 7 the Business Teams while I tried to install the personal teams to my Surface Pro 8, so when I did install the same Business Team on the SP8, it went back on how it used to be, and working fine. Thanks for the note.