Teams Meeting Time Defaults to 24 Hours When Using the Teams Add-in for Outlook

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When creating a Teams meeting via the Outlook Add-inn, the time defaults to 24 hours. Can this be changed?




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Which version of Outlook is that? Mine sets it correctly to 30 mins.


Does it happen for all meetings, or just Teams ones? What is the default value for meeting duration set?

You can check it via Options -> Calendar -> Calendar options -> Default duration for new appointments and meetings.


Also check the mailbox-level one via Get-MailboxCalendarConfiguration user | select DefaultMeetingDuration

@VasilMichev Only happens with Teams-meetings. Most recent Outlook version from o365 subscripion. 


The setting from options does not make any impact here. I have tried the default being 30 minutes and 1h. 


Image attached of what happens when I open New Teams meeting. The default time is 24hrs. Its quite annoying. I have sent several invites that are over 1 day long as I have forgot to change the date also. 

Again, which version/build is that so I can report it. "Most recent" means different things across different channels and SKUs, so get the info out of File -> Office Account.

@VasilMichev  I am having the same problem.  It only occurs when trying to schedule a Teams meeting through Outlook Calendar.  Default within standalone Teams program or normal Outlook meeting/appointment has default of 30 minutes.  My version is 2002, build: 12527.20278.

@VasilMichev My version is 2003 (build 12624.20320). Same problem was also present with the 2002... version. 


As above, the problem is only present when scheduling a Teams meeting through desktop Outlook. Regural desktop Outlook meetings follow the default time set from Outlook options. Teams-meeting does not. 


Everything works normal and the default time is regular when creating the Teams meeting in browser or dedicated Teams meeting app on desktop. 

@ABG3192 what are you language preferences system wide? If this is a rare bug, I would first check there. I have system language set to English, but region and formatting set to Finnish. Also, for modern apps language set to English and formatting and other things set to Finnish. I have noticed that using Windows 10 like this sometimes manifests weird bugs. For example at some point I was not able to run battery health command succesfully, unless first changing all language settings to one language. 

@J3000 All my languages are set to English (UK) with US-International keyboard set-up

@ABG3192 Probably not about that then. I also cleaned the whole Teams-installation, deleted manually all files etc and installed again. Same thing. 

I'm on 12527.20278 and don't see this problem. Let me ping few folks.

They opened a bug on this, but I have no way to check the progress until someone gives an actual update.

Same issue.  Would be nice to have the default 30 minutes or an hour.  24 hours is uncommon for a meeting. 

same problem in here. 
I am glad I am not alone, made me send a bunch of meetings lasting 24h just because I did not check the day !

Same issues here for months now, and I keep my Outlook always on the latest build.



I just wanted to add that I have the same problem.  Mostly it is annoying, embarrassing, and wastes peoples time.


I have gone through all the known remedies without success as well.  I'm sure it will be fixed in their next update.





I am using the following:


Outlook - Office 365 Prolus



Teams Add-in for Outlook






Exactly the same here.  Really annoying, hope a fix is presented sometime soon.


Defaults set for 30mins which work if just creating an entry, NOT via TEAMS..




Same behavior for me: "New Teams Meeting" button in Outlook for PC creates a 24 hour appointment.


Outlook from "Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise"

Insider channel version 2007 13012.20000 (64-bit)

Teams version (64-bit)

On Windows 10 2004 19041.329


Default appointment length set to 30 minutes in Outlook options, which works when using "New appointment" function. Outlook ignores that 30 minutes setting, when I double click on a day in the Outlook calendar view. Double click creates a full day appointment item.


My Windows and Office language is set to German.

Nevertheless the Teams button in the ribbon of the Outlook calendar view shows "New Teams Meeting", while the other Outlook commands in the ribbon have German labels. Maybe a regional settings bug in the Teams addin?


The installed Teams desktop client shows German UI. Just the Outlook Addin button ignores my language settings.

The issue occurs when the Outlook calendar is in month view.


I'm able to reproduce the issue as follows.

  1. Launch Outlook and navigate to the Calendar view
  2. Choose "Month" from the "Arrange" section of the ribbon
  3. Click the "New Teams Meeting" button in the ribbon

Expected result: 

A new Meeting window opens with a start time and end time corresponding to the "Default duration for new appointments and meetings" set in Outlook Options > Calendar


Actual result:

A new Meeting window opens with a start time of 12:00am on today's date, and an end time of 12:00am the following day