Teams meeting that I created will not let me join

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I have created several video meetings within Teams.  When I click on the invitation link within my Outlook calendar or the "join" button I am brought to Teams.  I confirm that my camera is on and that I am going to use my computer audio.  When I click the "join" button I get the message - 

"when the meeting starts, we’ll let people know you’re waiting”.


Mu invited guest get the same message and are waiting on their end as well.


I created the meeting.  I would assume that I could join the meeting and that I would be notified when they are queued up to be admitted to the meeting.

Anyone have an idea what is going on here?

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Hello, it sounds as if you're being treated as an external user here. As you use the Outlook client when clicking on the link you're directed to Teams and I get the feeling you're signed in at another tenant and not your home tenant. I would start by checking that in Teams. If no change, sign out from Teams and shut down Outlook as well. Sign in to Teams and start Outlook again.
This happens to me as well. I am the Administrator of our company and I set up all meetings, but I and several other people continually have difficulties joining meetings.
I have tried this; I have shut my computer down and STILL I cannot join a TEAMS meeting that I have set up. Wish TEAMS was properly integrated instead of a bolt on application
Hello, please elaborate what's going on and I will try to assist. When it comes to the "shut down" part that's not the way to go really. You'll need to manually sign out from the Teams desktop application (top right corner) and then back in with your credentials. If you have scheduled a meeting but cannot access the meeting or the meeting options you're most likely signed in to another organization or similar as you're not being authenticated properly.


thanks Christian - I will watch out for this and come back to this post if signing out from all accounts does not resolve the issue 



@Ed_LeMay    I'm having the same issue.  I schedule the meeting, send the invitation, and when it comes time to meet I get the same "we'll let you know when the meeting starts." My invitees get the same message so we're both sitting there and unable to connect.  Very frustrating!